"I started seeing Tracy Gannaway when I was a sophomore in High School. I was a three sport athlete and experienced a stress fracture injury in my shin during basketball season. I decided to go see her in hopes that she would quicken my recovery so I wouldn't have to miss the majority of my softball season. Through her rehab on my shin, as well as the fascial stretching, I was able to return to softball only having missed three weeks of the season. After this injury I continued to see Tracy for fascial stretching as a preventative measure for future injuries. As a three sport athlete, I was playing a sport all year round so I had no time for recovery. Seeing Tracy gave my body the healing it needed without taking time off from sports. Because I was constantly practicing and working out, my muscles were always extremely tight. However, when I would go see Tracy, I felt the immediate benefits of improved mobility, less tightness and overall improved strength and well being. The summer before my senior year, I was in a serious car accident and suffered severe whiplash and back pain. As soon as I was cleared medically, I started seeing Tracy immediately and she began therapy on my neck and back. I was able to see improvement almost instantly and I was able to get back to normal in only a couple weeks. I am extremely thankful for Tracy and the amazing work she has done to keep me healthy and injury free over the years. I am now a collegiate athlete and I know she has contributed greatly to my success."

-Collegiate Athlete, Prior High School Tri-Athlete

"At the beginning of my daughters senior volleyball season she was experiencing some very painful and frustrating back pain. Knowing we needed to get it under control, we immediately went to the chiropractor. After several visits we both agreed that she had some relief but was still struggling with it not feeling right. Our high school coach highly recommended Tracy, with En-Core Fitness. We called and scheduled an appointment within the week. Tracy was so professional and great to work with. She talked my daughter through every step of the process and made her feel comfortable. She definitely worked her magic and my daughter was feeling almost immediate relief from her tight, sore back. She hasn’t had any further issues and she’s been able to enjoy her season, pain free. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone with an athlete that is struggling with a nagging injury or just wanting to keep their body and muscles healthy and performing at their top potential."

-Mother of Volleyball Player

"Tracy helped me get my body moving better than ever! As a D1 football athlete, my body had taken a beating but Tracy helped em reduce my pain through her practices substantially. I always came out of a session feeling refreshed and ready for the next game, practice, or workout. She's so kind and professional and pays close attention to making sure each individual is getting the treatment that best suits them!"

-Hamilton Hunt, D1 Football Athlete

"Tracy I just can't thank you enough for taking care of my boy. Working with PT at the athletic clinic has made all the difference in the world. He will finally be pitching this weekend and has no reservations about his arm, he has learned so much and has gained back his confidence. He has told me how thankful he is for you. You really know your stuff Tracy!"

-Mother of Collegiate baseball player